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Learn From The Best

The Yorktown Division operates very much like a military reserve unit. We drill two days a month either aboard the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point or Joint Base Charleston. Cadets have the opportunity to learn skills as taught by active duty or military veterans, who are experts in their fields. Like the reserve components, each cadet can sign up for, and attend a two week or nine day training event, offered both throughout the Summer and during the Winter breaks. Occasionally, additional training may be offered during the spring time (Spring break). Often times, our unit is requested to - and participates in - special events, such as parades and military or sea services events across the Charleston area. Additionally, we partake in unique field trips encompassing team building skills and/or military knowledge across all services.

Our cadets have amazing opportunities when it comes to the winter and summer training seasons. They will be able to interact with active duty military personnel and gain a whole host of professional-grade skills and knowledge. 

These training programs are held all over the country; some are close by, while other are as far as Guam! Our International Exchange Program also affords well-qualified cadets the opportunity to travel to other countries and experience the cultures they encounter with cadets in similar programs there.

Below, you can see some of the fantastic training opportunities our cadets have to choose from. If any of these courses are of interest to you, don't hesitate to contact us - we're happy to help you embark on your journey towards excellence.

     - FAA Ground School

     - NLCC Aviation Training

     - US Coast Guard Shipboard Cutter Operations

     - US Coast Guard Maritime Interdiction

     - Navy Seabee Field operations

     - Basic and Advanced SCUBA Dive Certification

     - Food Service; Culinary Arts

     - International Exchange Programs

     - Leadership Development

     - Basic, Advanced Medical and Medical Field Operations

     - Photojournalism

     - Ceremonial Guard

     - STEM/Seaperch/Robotics/Cyber

     - Music/Band

     - Public Safety, Police/Master-At-Arms

     - Firefighter school

     - Marksmanship Program

     - Life Guard

     - Basic/Advanced Sailing

     - Submarine school

     - Special Operations

     - Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) School

     - SEAL Training

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